Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Beering: Middle Ages IPA

Could certainly use some Impaled Ale from Middle Ages that I picked up while in Buffalo, NY.

Beer Log: Right Now
State: Slight headache from doing a 10K today and slogging down a Sam Adams Imperial Pilsner a couple hours ago.
Eating some really hot chili

Middle Ages IPA
Big head on an amber beer. Nose is not as strong on the hops and malt as I'd expect considering a good 3 inch head in my Sam Adams Winter Lager glass. Why the wife doesn't grab the wine goblets for this stuff I'll never know. I get the sense of a bread and hops. Nice smooth low carbonation beer that can function as a decent session beer. The beer is balanced I would say is closer to an English IPA than an American IPA. 3 Stars.

A little recap. This weekend was pretty eventful in that I remained home all throughout, no offshore. We were able to hit a belgian beer tasting in the Heights as well as put Longhammer IPA against some of the hottest wings on the westside of Houston. Spoiler alert: the wings won. All will get their own posts. Had a great UFC 102 last night as well. Most of my predictions came true, including Thiago Silva knocking out Keith Jardine in the first round. Since so many of these UFC fighters are Brazilian, I've kinda given up my shortlived tradition of drinking beer from the home towns or countries of the fighters in the co-main events. How much Xingu can a brotha drink damn. I'm going to have to trade someone to get some Brazilian beer.

I'm really looking forward to the Monday Night preseason game with Houston versus the Minnesota Favres tomorrow night. Many people like to hate on Brett Favre for not retiring and whatnot, but really what the hell is ANYONE going to do in retirement? Just sit around and wait to die. You'll travel and golf all you ever wanted... and after those two months have passed, then what? If you still feel you can do your old job, and there's a company or a club that will give you a shot, I say GO FOR IT! The only people that are truly concerned with an athletes legacy are people who've never done anything in athletics.

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