Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cruising with Ruben and the Jets

One time for probably the coolest beer label around. We got this Lagunitas beer at Specs up here in Suburban Houston. The head is about the same size as the beer. Huge tan head with a dark brown color. Nose is a strong cinnamon and chocolate. Like a cookie. Seems to be a lot of little particles all throughout the beer, and they are not settling. I'm sure that's just th yeast.
Taste is a strong strong malt and chocolate, maybe enough hops to balance but it's hard to tell. The beer is medium to full bodied and very velvety on the tongue. Excellent imperial style, seems like a stout. 4 Stars. Very well done Imperial Stout.
It's beer like this one that are giving Southern Tier and Avery a run for their money in my top breweries of 2009.


Fred Abercrombie said...

If you dig the bottled Ruben, come on out to their Beer Sanctuary in Petaluma, CA for some limited bourbon-barrel versions:



The American Don said...

Thanks for reading the blog. I MUST get out to California one of these days.