Monday, August 3, 2009

More MSNBC Comments from the Beer Community

James Duglosh either better write an entire article proclaiming his apology, or he'll need to give a pound of flesh.

Here's some more comments from the beer community in response to this dude saying all beer tastes the same an beer lovers just like the experience of microbrews:

"I believe you may need to print a retraction. You obviously made a complete ass of yourself. Judging from the comments I am not alone. Tuck your tail between your legs and tell everyone you have no idea what you are talking about."

"Sam Adams Utopias, Pearl Light, same difference.

"i'm thinking msn should un-affiliate themselves from this idiot. this article is just absolutely ignorant and could you please try and be a little more condescending next time. you know not of which you speak and you are a tool. try a dopplebock, a belgian wit and a double ipa and tell me all beer tastes the same...i'm done wasting time on this fool..."

"How do you have your own blog? To say that all beer taste pretty much the same and those who get microbrews are just doing it for the experience is one of the most idiotic statements I have heard in a long time, including the President's most recent blunder. You deserve to be punished for that statement and drink beer-in-a-box for the rest of your natural life."

"What a moron. Tell me that a Belgian Trippel tastes the same as a light lager? If I was within earshot of anyone saying something like "Yeah, I drank a Stone Oaked Arrogant Bastard, tastes pretty much the same as that PBR I had", I would walk right over, punch the guy in the face, then kick him while he is down. How in the hell does this dolt still have a job? Just further proof that the hardcore liberal mainstream media will make up "truths" "despite what microbrewers tell you" to suit their own means. What a lying sack of crap."

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