Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Beering in Ontario: Waterloo


So after I cross the border and try some very pleasant session lagers at Niagara Best, I called up my friend from college and let him know I was on the way to the 'Loo. But before I made it out to Waterloo, I made a detour to St. Catherine's.

You talking about a pleasant little city with some good bars. I stopped here specifically to make it to Merchant Ale House. And they were CLOSED!!!! Who the hell closes a brewpub in the middle of the day? Whatever happened to the late lunch, the early beering. Any way, I decided to walk the street of St. Cath for a while then got back in the car to hit Waterloo.

First off, the drive on Queen Elizabeth's Way is SWEEEEEEEEET! Nice scenery and I counted 25 wineries all along the way.

So I made to Waterloo but my fried still had to work, so I drove around this city and found my way to the LION!

Lion Brewery and Restaurant was a set in an old castle like hotel smackdab on King street in downtown Waterloo. At first I thought I was in the wrong place as there was some sort of a cafe on the ground floor. I later learned the brewpub itself was in the downstairs area in what was probably the Dungeon. Compared to the bright clear day of central Ontario, this place was almost as dark as Lovejoys in Austin. NOBODY was there and I felt a little exposed, but whatever. Up to the bar for the flight...

Lion Lager
(By the way, I can't see sh8t, so no real appearance notes). A touch of toast amber with a subtle hop presence. Not bad. Low 3 Stars.

Lion Light
Probably should have tried this one first. Light body with very subtle malt and hops. There is a hint of sourness on the back of the palette. Somehow I'm able to see the lacy head. 2 Stars.

Huether's Premium Lager
A little gritty on the tongue and sour. Light and crisp aftertaste with high carbonation. 2 Stars.

Ontario, can I see you over here?
What the heck is up with these Premium beers. I'm sorry man but it seems like it's a big misnomer. Pretty much your most boring beers are called Premium. What the hell is up with that? Moving on.

Wuerzburger Lager
Bubbles still coming up as I look at it. Slight dark hue. It's a little smoother than the others with moderate body. I don't know what style to put it in. Low 3 Stars.

Adlys Ale
These flights are starting to run together. All I wrote down was Low 3 Star for a thick red ale.

Wheat Beer
Medium body with low banana and some orange, but it could be from the orange zest the put in it. Not bad.

Honey Brown
(I can tell I was getting a little tired as my reviews got shorter)
Moderate body with some honey and toast aftertaste. Low 3 Stars.

English Ale
Very sour and puckering. Full bodied with a little roast and a funky hop AT. Low 2 Stars.

Black and Tan
A mellowed out version of the English Ale. More like a Brown and Tan.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand we're done. The bartender was pretty nice and we chatted about the beer for a while. I must say that this spot was very different than many brewpubs I've been to before. I think under the right circumstances (and a Canadian/English palette), this place could be on point. Especially with the Honey Brown and the Lion Lager.

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