Sunday, August 30, 2009

Friday Night Beering

Friday Night Beering

Beer Log: August 28, 2009

Sitting here at the house just off a quick stomach virus, which kept me off the beer for a while. I think we'll just be a'beering all night at the house tonight. No real theme or anything, just Good Beer while hanging out with the wife watching some movies.

Summit IPA
Nose is a little metal malt with balanced hops. Smells pretty flowery. Slightly hazy amber color with a lasting white head. Taste is a little metallic and a rush of icky bitterness. I think we held on to this one too long as it tastes like an old liquor store. With the cheese pizza it has a bit better malt and hops. Stronger than the English IPA variety but not quite American IPA strength. The more I drink it and the more it warms up the better it gets. The metal nose and flavor has given way to a more basic IPA. I get that caramel malt with the pretty strong hops, but rather balanced. Just gets better as we keep going. High 3 star.

He'brew The Chosen Beer: Jewbelation Twelve
He'brew's 12th anniversary beer in a bomber. We've had this one for a few months. Been looking forward to this. I wonder if I can pick out all twelve malts and all twelve hops. If not, the 12% alcohol will probably just make me lose count. In a wine glass. Deep brown color that pours smooth. Great malty nose with slight chocolate. Low head. Oh my, a great sweet maltiness that has a chocolate aftertaste. Low carbonation and somewhat easy drinkability. The hops are not as bold as I thought they'd be. The beer is like a strong brown ale or even a barley wine. I get a bit more choco and hot alcohol as it warms up. A very warming beer which means I should have had this a few months ago when I bought it instead of late August in Houston. I'm guessing on the 12 malts: two row, six row, pilsner, chocolate malt, munich, biscuit, caramunich, caramel, crystal (2 types), roasted malt, wheat. Hops: cascade, centennial, fuggles, EK Goldings, warrior, Willamette, mt. hood, saaz, noble, Amarillo. Whatever it all is, this power packed beer gets 4 out of 5 stars. **Wife says I got about 70% of the malt right and 60% of the hops**

A good hour later and I'm still feeling that brown ale on the tongue. That thing does NOT go away.

Redhook Double Black Stout with Coffee
Nose has a little stoutness to it, though the beer is pretty cold in my dimpled pint glass. High carbo with a bitter coffee bean flavor mixed with chocolate on the back. Finish is pretty damn dry with some choco. Goes down easy and has a thinish body. Not bad so far,we'll see how it warms up. Take a dry Irish stout with a higher coffee character. Low 3 Star.

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