Monday, December 22, 2008

Beering in Atlanta: Return of the Mac

You guessed it, I am back at Taco Mac, this time with a guy from the training course and some of his crew. I regailed them with stories of the cougars the first time I came here, and actually ordered the beers for everybody. There was one sistuh at the table and I got her the Lindmen Frambroise, and she loved it of course. One of the dudes claimed he like Blue Moon, so I ordered him an Allagash Dubbel to step up your Belgian game. He loved it and ordered two more.

I decided to try the ultra hot hotwings again, but decided to stay down in the Pale Ales rather than go to IPAs. Last time I was here I joined the Passport Club, which I guess is the equivalent of the Flying Saucer UFO Club. That marks four spots (3 bars and 1 movie theater) whose beer club I am a part. I can just imagine my having a slew of mugs in the trunk of my car for a specific bar that I can fill up for a discount. Maybe I should put together a suitcase.

Anyway, today I'm still mourning the bad day in the Don Taylor Sports Association. My three NFL teams all LOST yesterday: the Browns just plain blew it, the Texans got jacked up, and the Panthers had a chance and lost in overtime. I sure could use a drink, but I won't be home until Thursday. Oh well. What happened at the Mac.

Beer Log 12/11/08; after I left Max's Lager
State: partying it up, lots of laughs, eating haberno hot wings

RJ Rockers Patriot Pale
I am the American Don, so why not the Patriot stuff. Dark straw with a strong white fluffy head (everybody in the crew is staring at me like I'm crazy as I'm writing in my book). Citrus hops smell and apricot. My adjunct flavor of the year: Apricot. The taste is toasty with a slight hoppiness. Kinda citrusy and pretty icky. Maybe there is a subtle apricot in there, but it could be just the scent messing with my tongue. It does a lot better as I keep drinking it but is no match for the hot wings. It just tastes more bready and toasty. 3 Stars.

I knew I should have gone with IPAs.

Boulder Hazed and Infused
Going to Colorado for this one. Straw color with an uber big white head. Light citrus and pine hops on the nose. The beer feels rather creamy on the first sip and sour with a biting hop. Did not write down a rating, probably just got distracted. Then again, I had three beers at Max's and I was feeling it a touch by then. I could have just been hazed and infused...I got a million of em... don't forget to tip your waitress.

I think I sampled a couple beers other folks got before we broke out. From there, me and one of the guys took to the streets to find a good cigar bar. We found one in Highland Village that is part snazzy cigar bar, and part Chicago Bears club. Now THAT's a business plan. It is noteworthy that with my Montecristo that I think was loosely packed, the Hoegaarden I had with it went very well. For the end of year awards, I am thinking of which beer will get the Best Beer with a Cigar award. I was thinking an Imperial beer would do the trick, but the Hoegaarden went well with this lighter cigar. Nice night overall.

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