Monday, December 29, 2008

Live Blogging: We're Fogged In

I say, uh, I say... I'm finally tasting and reviewing the Old Foghorn by Anchor. Sitting here with the wife and the baby playing on the floor. We had been holding off on buying this one until the winter time. It's about 45 deg F outside, and so why not Barley Vino it up.

Beer Log: Right damn now

State: Just eaten my IPA Spaghetti and had an IPA, watching Real Housewives of Atlanta with the Misses

I'm telling you, you have got to watch some of the shows your wife watches. Just like with children, you want to know what messages she's getting from her entertainment. So I have logged a few hours over the years watching Top Model and Housewives of Atlanta. If nothing else, Housewives of ATL all sports at least a D cup, and because they are milfs/cougars, they all show it proudly. The wife's also a fan of those morbid weekly crime thriller shows, like Cold Case, Dexter, CSI, and Bones. Someone's always getting offed in those things. I prefer my violence to be a little more fantastical, not the sh*t I just read in the newspaper the week before. Anyway, I've think I've let this Vino warm up enough.

Pouring this in my Hennessy Snifter. And I don't even drink Henn that much.

hardly any head, harsh malt nose almost mediciny. Good cloudy dark orangeish brown color. Not as harsh on the malt flavor as the nose would suggest. It has smooth velvety mouthfeel with a little tingle from the carbonation. The hops are present but not biting. There is something missing again, like the their 2008 Christmas beer. But instead of the flavor not coming together, there beer disappears about 5/6ths of the way back on the tongue. High 3 Star on the normal beers but there are other barleywines I'd rather try. Once I get this beer cooler temperature control set up, I'm going to have to age a few of these.

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