Monday, December 22, 2008

Beering in Atlanta: The Airport

F7cking Atlanta! That's what I always say when I go there. I was so beered up I couldn't even make it to my last brewpub on the list (in Decatur), so I moved my flight up for a king's ransom and went home. I felt pretty violated as Continental just took me to the CLEANERS for daring to move that flight. I did manage to smuggle 16 beers back to Houston, none of which I've had yet. I swear these airlines may as well put a branch sticking up in every seat. If you follow the rules, you'll be just barely okay. If you dare bring anything more than yourself at the exact same flight, you're screwed. It was not long ago that you basically bought Continental flights for what amounted to the whole day, and you just showed up to the airport and got on an available flight. Moving on.

So I drag myself to the bars in Atlanta airport and the waitress is about two less Wafflehouse visits per week away from being SMOKING! She takes forever to get me a drink I actually don't think I had before.

Beer Log 12/12/08
Sweetwater 420
Oh the Sweetwater basic workhorse beer. The one that's available everywhere. Atlanta's Shiner Bock, Carolina Blonde, Yuengling Lager. Tinged straw color and rater clear with a thin wimpy offwhite head. Smells like light malt. It's mouthfeel is very creamy and smooth and I get a slight lingering hop aftertaste. A nice light breadiness elucidates in the middle of the palette on the next slug with a touch of caramel malt. Reminds me of a light Budweiser American Ale. Low 3 Stars.

The waitress brings me my check before I even get started on the chicken sandwich, so I guess they don't need anymore of my money.

The bar across the hall knows how to treat a man. You order the 16 ouncer and you get a shot of whatever you want.

Phillips Amber (with Jack Daniels shot)
Amber color and white to offwhite head (if there is such a color). No smell. Some English muffin thing going down and a light hop bitter bite, which I suspect is Centennial. This beer is REALLY REALLY cold. It doesn't do much alternating with a Jack on ice. 2 Stars for the Clipper City amber.

I ordered another shot of jack with a Sam Adams Boston Lager. Could barely taste either but enjoyed the conversation with the other guys at the bar. Finally, my Atlanta trip was complete.

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