Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Wine Brotha???

I'm selling out. No not that, or even that.

The company I work for has trimmed the budget on the big holiday parties, or Christmas parties if you're Bill O'reilly. It looks like every team is on its own, and our team did a lunch wine tasting at a great local french restaurant, Le Mistral. We had the ballroom to ourselves, got as much wine as we wanted, great food, and were NOT ALLOWED to go back to work since we would had been drinking. In fact, we were not even allowed back in the building.

There was a somalier from France as well. He would give these little powerpoint presentations on each wine we had, where it was from, and some of the history behind it. Even though I'm a beer man, I figured why not take a shot at some reviews. Don't worry, this won't be a habit.

Cue the music...

We started out with some lovely finger appertizers which consisted of a lovely Smoked Salmon Frillo Dough with lemon chives and creme fraiche. This appertizer was accompanied by a lovely little belgian endive leave topped with blue cheese mousse and carmalized pecans. The wine of choice:

Vouvray: Domaine De Vaugondy 2005 Demic-Sec, Style is Chemin Blanc

The the gentlemen from the Loire Valley in France get us started with a very sweet and drinkable white wine. As good as my palette is, mine eyes simply see white wine that is tinged is clear with tinged yellow color. Although I used to consider myself a redman, I'm really enjoying the nice chill of this white wine. If I were to compare it to these neanderthal beer drinkers, I would hazard a guess that they stopped the fermentation to allow some of the sugars to up the sweetness factor.

Not to be outdown, they brought the quail breast rolled with bacon and plum, marinated in a nice port wine. I (peeled of the bacon), and enjoyed their

Chablis: Domaine de Long-Depaquit, Style is Chardonnay of 2006

Out of burgundy this one smells and tastes rather tangy and citrusy. There is a sourness in the middle of the palette. A stark chance from the Chemin, and not as tasty. A great match with the quail, but it does remind of a Saisson.

Onward to a nice salad de mistral, which sported the Mistral Blueberry balsamic dressing and pine nuts.

Oh the Pinot, lovely.

Pinot Noir: Albert Bichot 2005

One of my favorite wines, but I typically order it with a hearty steak, but a salad? This one smells like those red wines we know and love. The mouthfeel is dry and hearty, with some fruitiness. I'm getting something that makes me think of blood without the metal. A very thick wine that has plenty of legs on the glass. This one goes down very rapidly.

For the entree I wanted the sea bass filet, but they brought out the red wine anyway, which I did not get in a review.

Not bad. I never really tried to pick out flavors in wine and found many of the same techniques in beering translate to wine. I understand that unlike beer, wine is supposed to served a certain way from certain areas with certain foods. Beer on the otherhand, is meant to be experimented with.

Let's get a beer review before it's all said an done.

State: Chillin, playing with the baby, watching the SEC game

Beer Log: December 6, 2008

Arrogant Basted Ale OAKED
Oh I have been looking forward to this one. If you've been keeping score at home, I am back into hops. The layoff in fall (link) has done me some good. I now feel like I can enjoy those beers again. From the bottle to the wine glass. oh mahagony and malty. it's prolly 45 deg right now. almost ginger snaps sweet smell. It does the trick. Rather sweet and malty, but the hops are not there to balance it out. Reminds me of an imperial stout. Medium body and low carbo. Leaves hints of choco and twizzlers on your tongue, and maybe some grittiness. It's about 4PM right now, and maybe it's the day the time, or whatever, but I'm putting this as a low 3 Star. Lots of flavors and things going on there, and the hops are coming on stronger as it warms, but it is missing something. Perhaps some aging, but the flavors are not working for me.

10 minutes later, whoa is that banana and some sourness? not bad man.

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