Saturday, December 27, 2008

Back at Home: Christmas Beer Me

Man it feels good to be back at the house. The baby has learned all kinds of new tricks, so cute. After some hanging out with friends, I'm able to try to try the new beers.

Beer log: Right now
State: Chillin with the wife, watching Real Housewives of Atlanta

Abita Christmas

Velvet brown color, white a slight tan head. Smells like a great cinnamon brown sugar cookie. Fantastic. Taste, not so much. On its own, it has a light breadiness and not much on the maltiness.Some cinnamon in there and a smattering of bitterness about. With the turkey, it is much better, some malt and stronger cinnamon cookie presence. Low 3 Star though, unless you are eating it with a saltier food.

Redhook Winterhook

Ruby brown color, with a rather strong offwhite head. Balanced nose with a caramel malt and piney hop scent. This head ain't going nowhere. Decent hops and late bread on the flavor. A little watery maybe 3/4 of the way back on the palette, and the AT has medium hop citrus bite. Low 3 Star.

Not a bad start, but I've got some Avery and a few others. We're going to try and squeeze in a trip to Gingerman to run through the Anchors Christmas beers going back to 2005. Stay Tuned.

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