Saturday, December 13, 2008

Beering in Atlanta: Park Tavern

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Beer Log: Tuesday December 9, 2008

State: Eating some hummus as well as a Buffalo Burger.

Sobering up just fine from the night at Taco Mac, I convinced a couple of guys in my training course to come beering with me, and I figured now is as good a time as any to hit Piedmont Park and Park Tavern.

Piedmont Park is Atlanta's interpretation of the downtown area inner city park. The real estate cost is SERIOUS in this area of town b/c you are within spitting distance of midtown and the business districts, yet you have this nice open park at your front door with a skyline around you. Nestled in one corner of the park is the appropriately named Park Tavern restaurant, which also happens to be a brewpub.

On a Tuesday night it's pretty quiet and we made our way down the winding walkway to the dimly lit restaurant. It was still pretty cold out there, so we sat inside, though the view of the skyscrapers at night is fantastic. Although this is a strong candidate for most picturesque brewpub I've been to in 2008, I don't know about the beer.

Park Trail Ale
We start out small with a 12 oz of their basic ale. Cloudy and orange with a thin white head. It's rather interesting on the nose as I get light caramel malt, some vegetalness (like a lager), and citrus hops. The taste is light citrus with a leaning on orange flavor. There is moderate bitter hops and a bread feeling. The hops remind me of what the "Craft Beer Radio" guys would call "cat pea". Not that I've ever tasted cat pea, but I think I know what they were getting at. It's a little icky and harsh, but not in a good way. High 2 star.

Not trying to get too creative on the names I see. Amber orange color with your basic white head. It has some malt on the nose. There is a strong harsh hops like an IPA with some apricot thrown in there. Nice surprise. I think we have some Cascade hops in there with that late rush in the back of the palette. The apricot is there but I think it just doesn't stand a chance with those hops. 3 Stars. It's kinda strong for the buffalo burger.

The burger was pretty well done, perfect medium style like I like it. Not as juicy as I like, but then again, it is bison.

The waitress said something about this beer being their Oktoberfest that they re-dubbed a "festive beer". Whatever works. Kinda of a dark amber color. I get that sour, veggy, and malt smell on there. It took me a while after a few sips, but I wrote down "chlorine". The head is offwhite. The first few sips I get an astringent and sourish flavor. It reminds me of the Rahr and Son's Oktoberfest, as it was also rather sour. After we kept drinking, the sourness wore off and I starting get those caramel malts and light hops. Not something I would recommend to friends trying to find the best beer in 'lanta. 1-2 Stars.

At least the park looks nice

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