Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Beering in Atlanta: Taco Mac

I'm sitting here drinking a Corona and watching Unbeatable Banzuke. Clear bottle with the funky smell and flavor. Maybe some malt and corn in there, but I'm not feeling it. Even in my tall pilsner glass, this stuff ain't the ticket. But I wanted something light. Should probably keep some Heineken on keg in the house. But I just wanted to say a bit about Taco Mac in Atlanta: Come for the Taco, stay for the Cougars.

August 28, 2008
We were only in the ATL for what was no more than 36 hours, but we dragged ourselves out on the streets to hit Taco Mac. This is one AWESOME beer bar. Right on Peachtree at the bottom the Metroplis Loft, it is perfectly positioned to be a premier ATL bar. Even more so as Buckhead has gone rather hood as they shut down the hip hop clubs in Bankhead. It's a damn shame, as I saw Buckhead go downhill all within the two years I was in Grad School.

We got in there and we noticed the other attraction about Taco Mac, the Cougaring. A few seasoned sistas that went to my undergrad were hollering at my boy, so he struck up convo with them and we joined them at their table. They told me that I was suspect as I was wearing an extra-medium Affliction shirt. In Houston, brothas with some muscle on their frames can wear extra mediums with no big deal, but in Atlanta, they'll think you're batting for the other side.

But we did try Sweetwater's Hummer and 420 IPA. The waitress knew what she was doing as I asked her for something hoppier than the 420 and she brought me the Dogfish Head 60 Minute. I did not have my journal, and so I didn't write them down, but they were excellent beers. Certainly the best I had in the ATL. If you go to Atlanta, please take yourself to Taco Mac. And if you don't try some Sweetwater, just stay home.

To finish out the story, I think my friend could have hooked up with one of the Cougars, but I mentioned how I may be the only black man not voting for Obama and the conversation turned political. Too bad about that one. I didn't help that the cute one started getting all emotional with some random rant about how she won't talk with guy who have not had tragedies in his life. Probably not the way to attract a man. Waitress, Check Please!

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