Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer Madness

Ah Summer Time is here, which means all breweries are going to take this opportunity to put out some lighter flavored, easier drinking beers for the folks. I'm sure it sells well, but this is usually when I kind of bide my time awaiting Oktoberfest season. Sure I'm thirsty as hell, but I'd rather for a helles or dunkel lager rather than a light pilsner. But who someone may surprise me this season.

Beer Log: Earlier today
State: Relaxing after work, eating some spicy spaghetti

Redhook Rope Swing Summer Pilsner
Very fruity nose on a rather yella beer with a good white head. It smells great. On the first drink I get a moderate body with a nice bread character. High carbonation and funky hops thrown in as well. The scent just really helps this one along with the flavor, just an excellent job dry hopping. Not a bad pilsner. Leaves the tongue feeling tingly. I like the moderate hops with a pinch of sweetness. 3 Stars.

Widmer Sunburn
Got to love how Widmer and Redhook always show up at the same time. Who says all mergers are bad. This one has a very citrus/grapefruit nose with some grass in there. The taste is very simple with light hops and great bready MT. Clean and uber-refreshing. Lots of beers this gentle usually have something wrong with them. With the low alcohol content to boot, I'm giving this one a high 3 Stars. I just love that I can down a few of these without getting all hazy, but I guess I need to go ahead and drink this one in the next few days, or it's going bad fast.

Estrella Damm Inedit
Comes in a black bottle with just the Estrella Star on the bottle and the bottle cap. I don't know if that's even legal. I have no idea what to expect, though the basic ED as a basic lager was pretty boring. Nose is sugar, raisin, and brown sugar. Cloudy with a tinged gold color, head is going down fast. The beer has a poofy mouthfeel with moderate body. It's a little sweet like candy and bread. Smooth. Not bad at all. It has a nice low aftertaste to it. It's like a smooth megaswill version of a wheat beer. Very nice. High 3 Stars for the Catalans.

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