Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Go-To Local Beer

Well what is a good beer drinker with a go-to beer. As I sit here in my Egypt National Team soccer jersey while watching Bellator, I can't help but ponder the beer every beerman needs a beer that they just drink, all the time. Everybody's different, but even the connoisseurs need a beer they can crack open while watching a fight or something.

The beer that is pretty good, moderatly priced, preferrably something you can get in a can, moderate alcohol, and preferrably local.

My Go-To beer Lineage is as follows:
Undergrad: Smirnoff Ice (I know, but I got more girls back then)
Grad School: Miller Lite (MGD if I wanted to treat myself)
First moved to Texas 2005 to 2007: Shiner Bock
A break in the action and then...
2008-2009: New Belgium Fat Tire
January to April 2010: Saint Arnold Amber

And now we have a new winner. Since I can't get SA Amber in a can, and my taste buds forcing me off hops, I cannot stop drinking and am currently drinking:

Southern Star Buried Hatchet Stout
I just love the medium body, low hops, chocolate with moderate coffee and burnt notes. I drink this stuff straight out of the can, no need to dirty glasses on the go-to beer. And although it's a bit more pricey, something around $8.00 for a 4 pack of 12 oz cans, I find I'm picking a 4 packer everytime I hit Specs. These guys just NAILED it with this beer. Firmly in the 4 Star territory, especially considering I bought more than one of them. To make things better, we may be moving up near Southern Star territory some time soon. Great stuff.

If only Oskar Blues would make a lower alcohol beer, I think they would be my go-to next. Oh well.

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