Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dark Star Stout

Beer Log: Right now
State: Just ate some spaghetti and watching TV with the family

Boulevard Smokestack Series Dark Truth Stout
Another big beer from our boys at the Bully. This Smokestack Series is great stuff. I could drink this stuff all the time. Pours milky and smooth with the bubbles falling down in the head like Guiness, but much better looking. The head is HUGE and not moving. The nose on this beer is a great malty caramel and chocolate, with a cinnamon. Oh yeah man. Great chocolate and caramel and brown sugar taste. Just awesome strength with a pinch of peppery alcohol. I notice something akin to cherry and moderate hops that are there just to balance. The beer is very strong with bold smooth flavor. Moderate to full body. Light choco and hops aftertaste. With my palette working it's way toward stouts (in the summer?), I'm going to give this one a huge 5 Star.

I cannot emphasize how much this beer does such a great job to put together the bold flavors of a stout. They went ballz-to-the-wall on this thing, and I cannot get enough of it. It's rare that everytime I take a sip, the beer tastes brand new all over again. Russian Imperial Stouts will do that to you, and sure enough this one hit's it perfectly.

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