Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fruit beers at the Sauce

Beer Log: Right now

State: Have a little downtime b/t appointments, getting some work done while at the Saucer.

Indy Mandarin Saison

Great orange cloudiness with strong orange nose. Very quaffable,poofy, thirst quenching. Out oranges the Blue Moon without trying. As I keep drinking it, I get a nice orange flavor throughout, minimal hops, and a pinch grainy on the tongue in the aftertaste. I can see this one doing very well for me in the summer. Not sure if it's officially a Saison, but Yay Independence for coming to Houston in a big way. High 3 Stars.

Next up...

New Belgiums Eric's Ale, A Wood-Aged Ale with Peach Juice

Well the pretty told me what I was supposed to taste on the bottle. Copper and clear with no head and a strong sour and peach nose. Tastes of somewhat harsh sourness and whatnot. I can dig it. Great when it's nice and cold. I'm starting to warm up to sour beers. I hate having a whole section of beer that I just can't stomach. This beer, despite the sourness does not have much wood-flavor right now, just tart, sour and peach, low hops, moderate carbonation and drinkability. Low 3 Stars.

Last one...

Lindeman's Faro Lambic Beer
When the description on the thing said musty fruit, they were not lying. A great fruit/apple/grape flavor (intentional or not) with a nice musty hop thing going on. Tastes like an old attic, mixed with a farmer's market, all in a rust colored ale and poured into a champagne flute. 3 Stars. Not sure if these flavors come from the candy sugar or some wild fermentation, but I'm liking it with this hot weather.

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