Saturday, June 12, 2010

BeerBrotha Sports Review: USA vs England

State: Chilling out awaiting UFC 115
Beer Log: right now

One time for my new favorite goalie, the guy from England. And one time for the US team basically getting run up and down the field like a rented mule, yet still walking away with a tie.

Brewdog Punk IPA
Had this for a few minutes in the old cabinet. Chilled it down and now we sample.
Pours clear and smells like Colt 45. I used to drink a little of that when I was hanging out with my wife's family in Charleston, SC. Has a heavy "beer" smell to it. Lots of bitter vegetables. Like brussel sprouts. Big heavy white head with great retention. The taste is almost like a malt liquor, just a LOT of hops. Very low malt to balance it out. I'm almost making that "bitter beer face" the old commercials used to have. Damn that beer is HARSH! I guess you are a punk if you make a funny face while drinking this beer. I know the Brewdawgs are some good workers, but damned if they didn't just make a light ale and hop the crap out of it. I think this would be a great beer to introduce craft beer to a swill drinker. After we give them this bomb, we hit them with something like a Belgian dubbel or a Doppelbock. They'll love that second beer so much they'll be craft beer drinkers for life.

Earlier I've been trying some Twisted Pine beer which has recently landed in the Houston area. We first had it at BRC, this fantastic gastropub in the Heights. Talk about some great mussels and the best damn fries I think I've ever had. Reviews for both on the way.

For now after the end of a hard week and working on the Investment Club this morning and losing two of my founding members, we should be good for a night of beer drinking, swilling, and some UFCing.

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