Sunday, March 21, 2010

UFC on Versus Beering: Chiek Kongo fanclub

Beer Log: Now
State: Watching UFC on VS

Baltika (You gotta check out the music on this website, not very Russian)
Great big brown head on a deep opaque brown beer. Man I am so fired up for this UFC card. Only one beer tonight as I have to get up early tomorrow. Nose is a crisp chocolate if that makes any sense. Taste is a soft chocolate in the beginning and roastiness coating your tongue all throughout and in the aftertaste. There is a good sense of some bitterness there just enough to balance. Man I am liking this porter, save that HINT of copper that is somewhere in there. Maybe it will go away with some baked waffle fries. Now I'm getting more of a lemon citrusness in the beer with the roastiness a bit more fleeting. After it's warmed up a touch, I find that it has a fruitiness to it. Looks like James Irwin still has that scar Anderson Silva put on his face. One minute. Okay, had to hold the baby down to brush her teeth. Now that 10 minutes have passed, I notice the beer is just as fruity, and has a nice smoothness to it.

Here comes my boy Kongo. Got Buentello down. Come on Kongo!! HIS PINKY IS DISLOCATED!! He's GOOD. Hell Yeah. Why is Kongo going for the takedowns. Come on Kongo, trash this guy! EFF HIM UP KONGO! HE'S GOT HIM HURT DEAN! Dammit, Kongo got him with an illegal knee. This show is all jacked up. Everything is going to hell with these injuries and time-outs. Now Dean is TAKING A POINT AWAY FROM KONGO! COME ON MAN!!! Forget the knees, just pound this guy out. KONGO hit him with the knee, but he was playing the game. It's over, NO, he's playing possum. Kongo is molesting Buentello. Watch the knee to the crotch. Third round, Kongo has him down, and Buentello taps out to long term beatdownnedness. Hell yeah.

High 3 Stars for the beer from Russia. Will be getting another bottle of this when Fedor ever decideds to fight again. Now will enjoy the rest of the show. Holla.

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