Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Two New 5 Star Beers...

I rarely give the distinction of a 5 Star beer. I define a 5 Star beer as a beer the defines why we are doing this whole beer thing at all. Defines why we are doing what we are doing.

I was sitting at Watson's on the westside of Houston waiting forever for my Guinness. I was the only son of a b8tch that wore green today, but at least Watson's had a ton of St. Patrick's day themed stuff, like Guinness beads, 4 leaf clover beads, some live band, green decor, and the waitresses has green gear on and were smoking hot. I felt like Tiger Wood's out there.

So I got the Guinness and found it just way too dry for the weather. I downed it and I took my wife's advice and got a Sam Adams Nobel Pils. The way the various hops cut through that Guinness and the carbonation hit my tongue just right, it made me think, is this one of the best beers I've ever had? It was so good that I am highly considering getting a keg of it to put in my kegerator. I NEVER do that with any beer, and I want to do it now. This beer is so awesome that I have to change it from a 4 star to a 5 star beer. The Sam Adams boys just nailed it, BIG TIME. And it's so ironic that of all the far out styles Boston Beer is hitting us with, that a simple strong Pilsner is their best beer in the world of the Beerbrotha. Just. Awesome.

And since we're adding beers to the 5 Star list, I cannot forget the cocaine-like character of a very hoppy and very malty with a pinch of chocolate: Oskar Blue's Gordon Ale. The ONLY beer I make it a point to pick up whenever I'm at Specs. I can't get enough of it. I've walked by so many Allagashes, Avery's, and Dogfish to get this OBGA. The Oskar boys are showing their naked ass with this beer. Unbelievable.

Alright, I guess I need to do my bracket. Holla.


Chuck V said...

Agreed on both of those 5 star choices. Gotta wonder about all the people getting their panties in a bunch of SA replacing the Wit with the Noble Pils because it's a much better beer.

The American Don said...

Is that right? Well I guess there are so many pilsners out there or people that claim pilsner (Miller Lite) that we would have more variety with the wit.

I've been drinking the Noble Pils everywhere I've been going here in Houston. Some folks have taken better care of their kegs than others. It's still a delicate beer style that you can't bs around with.