Sunday, March 21, 2010

Beer Brotha Sports Review: March Madness

Well, my bracket is totally f'd up. I've got more red on my Yahoo! sports bracket than when Dubya won the 2004 election. Georgia Tech got bounced today by Ohio State, which really really sucks. All those NBAish tall black nubian kings on Kansas' and Georgetown's teams got beat by a bunch of guys that look like they do paintball on the weekends. What kind of sh*t is this!?!?

I had a little get together at my house for my 30th birthday last night where we had a ton of beer. I think our beer collection actually scares some people, but whatever. Even had our guy at Specs show up with his wife. We toasted the night with some Deus. Just awesome. After about 6 hours of drinking I had to tap out. Only a few of the women were still at the house at the time, and all they were going to do was talk about the lack of quality black men they can marry. So moving on.
I've been trying many different beers for which we have sixpacks, so I guess I should formally review these sooner or later.

Beer Log: Right now
State: Watching some Yo Gabba Gabba with the baby and getting ready for UFC tonight

A beer brewed with Ginger, from the chronic porno watchers at Left Hand (get it?). Beer is amber colored and clear, with a somewhat fizzy and lasting head. The nose is kinda like moldy bread. Hold on the wife is getting me some ginger. The wife just put the ginger powder in front of my nose and after I finished coughing and then sniff my shirt, I smell the beer again. I guess there's a pinch of ginger. Tastes like a bready amber, not toasty though, not malty. Maybe there is some subtle ginger in there, but usually the only ginger I have is when it is chinese food, with plenty of sesame, soy, and other flavors masking it. A basic medium bodied amber beer that features ginger is not doing anything for me. No rating, and a mulligan for this beer.
On the homebrew front my belgian wit is not coming together right now. It's carbonated pretty well but not much flavor. I think I'll give it some time and hopefully we can get that orange flavor going. It was kinda bland this time. A bit too cold methinks. Oh well, time to hunker down for some UFC.

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