Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dogfish Red and White

I didn't write it down, but how could I forget it. A couple days ago we were munching on some grilled pork and waffle fries, and the wife cracks open the Dogfish Head Red and White. We get this in bomber form, and we let it age for a few months. The beer pours a reddish amber with little head. The nose is a great wheat beer. On the flavor, it actually tastes like the colors red and white. You get a grape juice character, intermingled with a coriander, banana, and orange flavor. The perfect amalgamation of a smooth witbier and a robust red wine. Man that is just COOL man. Dogfish is just hitting us with such great beer we don't know what to do. Looking forward to swimming with the dogfish when we make it up to the Maryland area this June. 4 Stars.


HolzBrew said...

I love it. It literally tastes like the colors red and white, that is soo true. This is one of my favorites from DFH. I had the Black and Blue this weekend and while its nice, it's not nearly as great as Red and White. Keep up the good drinking.

The American Don said...

Thanks for reading the blog. Yeah, they've got Kool-Aid beat when it comes to something tasting like colors. I agree that the Black and Blue while excellent, doesn't hold a candle to the Red and White.