Thursday, March 25, 2010

BeerBrotha Magazine Review: The Beer Connoisseur

I'm sitting here enjoying some Widmer Okto which we have left over from October 2009. We broke it out during my beer party, not bad for an aged Munich Lager, a touch metallic though.

Anyway the wife has been picking up the various craft beer magazines off the bookstore shelves whenever she happens by. So far we have a handful of Draft Mag and Beer Magazine. As an AHA'er I have my collection of Zymurgy. Draft and Beer mags are kind of like a bridge for the young hip dudes that had only had Michelob Ultra and Corona. Beer Mag has a hot woman on every color, who even admits in the magazine she doesn't like "dark beer". Both have some good stuff, and have a Maxim mag feel to it, except swap out the scattered ass with beer and there you go.

Zymurgy is great for homebrewers, and although I homebrew, I've stopped calling myself a homebrewer. Maybe it's just that it's challenging for me to carve out 8 hours of a day to brew beer, or that we live far enough out in the suburbs that my three kegs will have the same beer in it for months. But I just don't homebrew enough to get 'er done.

But NOW, there is a magazine that appeals to the snob in me: The Beer Connoisseur. But I think this magazine even outdoes me in the fine dining and serious travel. Finally a challenge. When it comes to fine dining, I love a place with a great beer menu. Mostly my adventures in Buffalo and Toronto were right up my alley. But BC has taken it to another level. In their second edition they of course had the Garrett Oliver spread, which makes sense as he's probably the guy who best mixes beer with fine dining. New York City will do that to you. But as I read the recipe for Terrine of Eel Filets "Au Vert" with Horseradish Cream, made with Hoegaarden, I knew these guys are NOT playing around.

The beer style pages were much more than just a reprinting of the BJCP guidelines mixed in with the word "wonderful". But a fuller story of how the style came to be, and a few examples. Typically the beer travel section shows a bunch of red-faced dudes at random bars, but their tours of the Czech republic were much more about the culture and history of it all, not to mention all the brewpub/hotels. And I can't wait to get to the article about beering in the various baseball parks in America that makes me even madder that I got to go to the upperdeck to find anything other than Miller Lite and Shiner Bock at Minute Maid.

With a what 10" X 11" size and glossy pages, it's perfect to display on your coffee so you can show your friends that your just not a lush who has beer all over the house, you are a lush who is not afraid to make your own Sweet and Spicy Pork Belly made with Kimchi and is a regular visitor to Brasserie Beck on K Street in Washington, DC to sip on the Kasteel Belgian Ale.

Great Magazine, right on time, very well may get the subscription.

No real travel this springtime besides offshore to GET THAT OIL. Looking forward to a Caribbean cruise in June which will actually leave from Baltimore. Which means I will certainly hit Beck and Brickskeller before and maybe after the cruise. Holla.

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