Wednesday, March 17, 2010

BJ's New Seasonal

I'm sitting here drinking a Magic Hat Howl (kinda dry, chalky, a nice choco, pretty thin though, low 3 star) fantasizing about the girls from the Slate DoubleX Podcast and footdragging on my NCAA Bracket. Turns out Oasis is a new seasonal amber from BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse.

Beer Log: this past Saturday
State: A little full and chilling out, chomping on their Pulled pork BBQ sandwich

Oasis Amber
Nice to see the black man is coming in with some new beer. Their Grand Cru was so awesome. Amber color and clear, no head. Toasty malt nose, which is what I like in my ambers. The beer tastes alright. Has an english muffin and light hops thng. I'm getting some lemon flavor as I keep drinking it. Moderate carbonation and smooth. High 2 Star.

The wife says this beer is meant for the masses, smart move. It will keep the lights on, but will not win you many points with the beer community.

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