Saturday, September 5, 2009

College Football and Beer

I'm sitting enjoying some nice Goode Co. Bar-b-que chicken with some Southern Star Pine Belt Pale ale in my Otter Creek World Tour Glass. We've got Kentucky vs. Miami of Ohio on one channel. Ohio State and Navy on another channel. And for some oddball reason Notre Dame is playing some Japanese National team in Tokyo. Oh well.

Had myself a Flying Dog Amber Lager straight out of the bottle, and that has got to be one of the best session beer styles out there: Amber Lager. Don't worry, I've left my beer book at a friend's house, so I will catch back up with my Toronto Beer travels.

I may have to itznay my traveling to Atlanta this month, but the wife is actually going to be doing some corporate travel to Canada and Egypt. Would love to hear about her beer travels.

Basically, I'm sitting here waiting for the FAMU/Delaware State game to come online. Should be fun, as I'm going to MISS much of the game to watch a movie with another couple at Studio Movie Grill.

This Southern Star is pretty nice, with a nutty flavor, maybe a little chalky and dry as well. I think this is probably the most hop forward beer made in Texas. Has a clean finish and a nice decent maltiness making an attempt at balancing the malt. My favorite Southern Star beer by far. I just LOVE the fact that they come in 16 oz. cans. 3 Stars.


Lee said...

That Notre Dame Japan thing actually happened back in July. They played Nevada yesterday.

Pine Belt is awesome. So are the Longhorns.

The American Don said...

Affirmative on the Pine Belt, not so much on that Longhorn thing. You guys do represent well for the State, but I have to give my love to the Houston area univs, mainly U of Houston and PV A&M.

I tried to be a fan of Texas Southern and Rice, but those schools really just don't seem like they're trying.