Monday, September 21, 2009

Sorry for not blogging

Apologies to the BeerBrotha Nation, all three of us. I have been uber busy as I've just been approved for a transfer to an onshore position, which means I'll be home every night and still doing what I like to do. Fantastic! But that means I'm working like crazy to wrap up my projects before I transfer. We're also doing a lot of research to revamp our investment club to investing in business ventures as opposed to just stocks. Lots more work involved deciding to be a major investor in a small company than a minor investor in a large company.

Not to mention I've just got the greenlight to give a presentation on the Energy Sector at a conference in Tulsa, OK (Pass the Choc Beer) this Halloween weekend. And the people of OK think they are just as big in this business as those of us in Texas, so I got to be on my stuff.

Somewhere in there I have my daughter's birthday today (2 Years old) and a little trip to OKTOBERFEST in Munich.

Anyway, how about a little month old review:

Beer Log: August 22, 2009
State: At the Alamo Drafthouse

Real Ale Phoenix Double ESB
Like Dave Chappelle said: "It's too real for ya!". Nothing like some good old ESB on a summer day at the old movie house. Light malt smell, copper color with thin lasting white head. Served pretty cold with a light malt/chocolate thing going on with the taste in the middle-back of the tongue. 2nd draught is just moderate grassy hops. 3rd draught is a little buttery and kinda chalky. Not sure how that happen in three separate gulps, but whatever. No rating just yet. Looking forward to this one again.

Turns out I only have one more beer to go before getting an Alamo Beer Hunter Beer Stein. Hellz yeah. It takes 30 beers on draft at the Alamo to make this happen, and after some hardwork and movie going, we're almost there. Holla.

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