Monday, September 7, 2009

Beering Scene Houston and Fireman's #4

Either I'm paying attention more, or we're getting a lot more beer options in the bar scene in Houston. First we have Block 7 Wine having a great Belgian beer tasting, featuring some awesome beers like Deus and some more widespread Belgian beers like Delirium Tremens. I'll have a post about that sooner or later.

Next it looks like we have a new little spot called The Drinkery on Washington Ave in the Heights, with a nice beer selection. Actually they are owned by the same folks that own Corkscrew, a great wine bar also on Washington Ave. So that's another group of winefolk that are putting some of that energy in beer.

Next is a new spot called Taps House of Beers. We just came from that area and it looks like Taps was not open, but I'm looking forward to doing some Washington Ave beering soon. The Flying Saucer stays packed and apparently Sunday night is cougar night.

To add to the beer scene, Lil' Napoli in downtown Houston was your typical intimate Italian restaurant with a good seafood pasta selection. Now it's your typical intimate Italian restaurant with a good seafood pasta selection and about 20 taps of craft beer. NICE! But now come this November we'll have a Yardhouse at the new CityCentre complex on the west side. Should go well with a rather classy Studio Movie Grill and a super stylish pool bar MonnaLisa.

Most restaurants now at least have some Saint Arnold and Shiner Bock. I was even able to grab some Shiner 100 at Goode Co. BBQ out on the northwest side. But the common beer kinda making headway with the masses is Real Ale's Fireman #4 which I reviewed this time last year. Of all the great Real Ale beers, I guess I should not be surprised this Blonde Ale is climbing the ranks mainstream in Houston. This town is still owned by Shiner Bock with Saint Arnold amber a FAR second, but we now see F#4 appearing on more shorter tap bars. I would even say F#4 is a great introductory craft beer for swill drinkers. So if you haven't had some Fireman's #4 yet, um, you probably will at your company happy hour.

(And for clarification, I think Saint Arnold Amber is so far back b/c those boys just cannot brew anymore than they are right now, so I think they'll get more love once they expand operations.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shot out, Mista Beer Brotha! Good seeing you, from your Corkscrew friend!

Brad said...

I used to work at the Saucer, and I would always try to turn the squeamish onto Fireman's #4. I can't recall being unsuccessful with anyone.

The American Don said...

Thanks for reading the blog Brad and AD. I think Real Ale has a mainstream winner F#4. I'm still debating whether we can count Divine Reserve with Saint Arnolds for the best Texas brewer.