Sunday, September 20, 2009

Beer Snob Article: Not Exactly Wrong

"Interacting with Other Beer Snobs
While it’s perfectly fine and extremely pleasurable to rabidly denounce whatever swill your non-beer snob acquaintances are slopping down their gauche gullets, you must carefully weigh each word when amongst your own.

You will probably meet them at a beer club meeting. Beer snobs are generally very eager to form beer clubs, partly to discuss new beers, but mostly because their regular friends won’t drink with them any more."

"In fact, the only terms you really need to know are nutty, worty, fruity, hoppy, grainy, mouthy, sulpheristical, pine-needley, and bodacious. What do they mean? No one knows for sure. The important thing it to use as many of them as possible when you rate a beer. For example, you should never just say, “This beer is worty.” Instead you should say, “I find the wortiness of this beer fruity yet mouthy, with pine-needley undertones of sulpheristicallity, bodaciousamentally speaking.”"

"The Beer Fuehrer
This curmudgeonly gentlemen will declare he would rather guzzle urine than drink what he considers “bad beer.” And by bad he means any beer that comes in a can, has commercials on television, or has been heard of by more than fifty people. He can only pity the poor fools who sit in bars drinking the swill disgorged by the vast corporate vats, when they could be drinking swill produced in much smaller ones. "

Fantastic article getting on all of us. For the record, I do make fun of the swill, but have no problem drinking it. If Bud Light's what we got, then so be it, just keep it cold. And I do have a problem with those that claim they don't like a beer because it's popular (hello Shiner).

Luckily, most bars and whatnot have a great selection, or at least a Shiner Bock or Sam Adams, so I'm always good. Also, I have no problem with people liking what they like. It's beer dammit. Enjoy whatever you want. I always feel that with beer tasting, there's no wrong answer.

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