Monday, September 7, 2009

Random Beer Review: Lunar Ale

Probably had this one in the cabinet for what, 8 months. I tried it a couple times but never formally reviewed. For all I know it's gone bad.

State: Slight headache, watching 4th episode of Dora the Exlporer with the baby.

Beer Log: Yesterday

Boulevard Lunar Ale

I must have had this one confused with their Zon beer, as I poured it into a wheat glass. Quick dissappearing tan head on top of a plain brown beer with some . Very slight cinnamon flavor. Well... it's beer. Just kidding. It has a little bit of spiciness going on in a light-medium body. High carbonation from it's bottle conditioning. I'm sorry, but unless it's a high gravity Belgian beer, bottle conditioning doesn't work that well for me. Anyway, the beer has a touch of sour chocolate in the aftertaste. When you buy this beer, the clock is running baby! A little better on the sweetness as it warms up. I could see this as a weak Belgian Dubbel. High 2 stars.

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Anonymous said...

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