Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Another beer from Marcellos
Smells good and malty and maerzeny. low head. Kinda lager smell as well. Good and sweet. Maybe a little honey in there. Nice breadiness, and low on the body. Ok Heiner Brau. Just a good sweet slightly different interpretation of a Marzen than I've had before. This is purity law beer, and I know they did not actually put honey in there, or sugar, or even carbonation. They did a great job brewing the beer for the Zea Restaurant in Lafayette, and they did a good job here. It has excellent drinkability and very low carbonation, right up my alley. One of the best Marzen/Oktoberfests I've had in a while. 4 stars. I'm even getting a little roasted malt in there as well as it warms up. I get the feeling that as I rank the Oktoberfests once the season is out, this one will be in the top three.

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