Thursday, October 9, 2008

More Oktoberfesting: Glass Tasting

It's 3rd quarter at the FAMU-WSSU game and I've got some weight watcher points to spare, why not try an Oktoberfest.

I am holding off on trying a new Oktoberfest, as I have an Ayinger in the fridge. But I'm breaking out another Hofbrau Oktoberfest. If you'll recall, I gave this one a bad rating as it was skunked from the trip to the States from Germany, and it's in a green bottle. The rating is still 2 Star, but I'm not getting anywhere near the skunkiness this time, as I'm drinking it out of a regular bar pilsner glass, with the edges at the top being convex. Last time I think I had it in one of my pilsner glasses that is cupped inward at the top, like a wine glass. My favorite drinking glass for beer is actually one of my wine goblets. It makes me feel like I'm big money, and it does not warm from contact with my hand. But my new pilsner glass does not hold in the scent. Therefore, the beer does not taste anywhere NEAR as bad. It just tastes like a slightly malty lager. Good stuff man. So I guess the lesson is, if you think you have some skunk, avoid the concave glasses to keep the smell out. Better experience.

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