Sunday, October 26, 2008

Beering in Charlotte: Recap

Man, I'm having a great time back at the house and city I grew up in. The High School reunion has gone great. Everyone is doing well, though we all probably did the same thing, working out a few months before the reunion. It was great hanging out with the old high school crew. Lots of drinking and partying. Apparantly, I have grown taller, gotten bigger, curse a lot more, and am much "cooler" than I was in high school. Still kinda weird they all called me Donald or Donnie, I haven't gone my those names since...well... high school.

I was able to try some great beers and some not so great beers, but they're all fantastic b/c they are North Carolina stuff. I treated Carolina Blonde like I treat Shiner Bock in Texas, it's always on tap. Got my hands on some Brooklyn and whatnot, as the distributors are different than in Texas. I've seen stuff from Magic Hat, Bells, and Brooklyn, none of which are available in Houston. I'll try to stuff as much as I can in my checked baggage. This will certainly save us beer in Beer Trading. I think I ran through about 12-15 different beers, all in Beer Bars. Totally blowing my weightwatcher points, big time. No brewpubs this time sadly. And apparently, I'm getting back into hops, as the pale ales dominate my beer rankings.

Charlotte has really come up on the hang out spots downtown and elsewhere since I was here in '98. I really wish they would find some oil off the coast, so I could help set up the office in Charlotte. Beer updates on the way when I get back home.

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cant wait for the brooklyn reviews