Thursday, October 30, 2008

Beering in Charlotte: Dad's House

I'm at the house hanging out with Dad and he has a couple drinks for me to try. First off I had some Landshark Lager for the first time. I've seen this one pop up everywhere. It was in a clear bottle. I did not write it down, nor pour it in a glass, but it had a nice mouthfeel and drinkability for a clear bottle beer. Certainly had better maltiness than a Corona.

After that, Dad had some Yuengling Light in the fridge. Had it in a bottle, so no formal review. But I can see that this beer is a strong candidate for replacing Amstel Light as my favorite light beer. Out of the bottle, it had a nice toastiness to it. Most light beers don't have ANY flavor, but finally someone saw fit to put a little FIRE under the mash tun for a light beer. Nice stuff.

Dad even had some high dollar Hennessy that I didn't even want to ask how much it costs. I am thinking of doing formal reviews of things like Scotch (distilled beer), but this one was also very nice. The thing I noticed the most was the aftertaste. It was very smooth and just plain excellent, and I kept getting an Apple flavor in the aftertaste. Dad found it insulting, but I loved it myself.

Nice start.

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