Monday, October 13, 2008

Tailgating Beer Part 2: Miami vs. Houston, Michelob Beers

Oh yes. The Texans were back in action after the crusher last week. My family were tailgating this time, though they forgot to tell us. So we got to the tailgate kinda late. It was all good as I grabbed a few of our Michelob beers left over from the Dontoberfest to have as tailgating beers. We actually picked up a variety pack of the Michelob craft beers and one of the boys brought in a 6 pack of Michelob lager. We packed up some of the BBQ chicken and burgers, then took some Michelob Lager and Michelob Porter to the tailgate.

The Mich Lager did very well in the bottle. I notice it said it was "all malt" and I could tell it was not your basic pale lager, no rice and whatnot. I love the smoothness and slight sweetness. The bottle helps as well as it is custom made for gripping.

Mich Porter (again straight out the bottle) went pretty well with the BBQ chicken. It has roasted malt and coffee flavor, but it has some kind of musty hops thing going on. Normally I wouldn't mind (probably a german hop), but it did linger just a touch. The body was great for tailgating, as it was not too thick. I had a couple of these before the game. I was a little sluggish during the game and at first I'm thinking it was because of the higher alcohol porter, but I later figure my body was still working on the beer from Dontoberfest.

I stayed to the VERY END OF THE GAME, as the Texans pulled off the last second touchdown to win the game. We're cheering like crazy and chanting "Houston" "Texans" all the way down the ramp. We tried to give the game away with two costly fumbles, but it worked out in the end. ROCK AND ROLL, HOUSTON TEXANS!!!

I managed to get a hold of some Michelob Ultra after the game. It works out very well for your weightwatcher points, but just not much of a flavor. It wasn't as watery as Bud Light, but still not all that fancy.

The running ranking right now for Tailgating Beers:
1. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
2. Michelob Porter
3. Michelob Lager
4. Red Stripe
5. Michelob Ultra

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