Monday, June 16, 2008

Back Home, and Around the Country

June 11th, 2008

Hells yeah, it's good to be back in Houston. I had a nice 2 weeks offshore trying to get that oil, but it is so hard to blog about beer when I cannot have a drop of it. I'm still cleaning out my beer notebook and hope to catch up today. The wife (man I love this woman) told me we have what amounts to 8 different beers waiting on me at the house, including something new from Shiner. But I will start things off with reviewing a beer I had reviewed before.

Sam Adams Cherry Weeat (btl to pilsner glass)
State: Hot and Thirsty
Smells like Cherry Extract. It's not as cloudy as you'd expect of a wheat beer. It has a white head wit hno lace, yet the head is slightly lasting. The color is dark straw. It's not an overwhelming cherry, with low hops and a moderately velvety mouthfeel. Low malt and low-medium carbo. It's still not doing it for me, but I do like the aftertaste. I'm am loving this mouthfeel. Probably one of the better mouthfeels of a wheatbeer out there. But it's still kinda like a plain wheat beer with cherry extract poured in it.

and later on that night...

Buffalo Gold Golden Ale Boulder Beer Company
The boys from Boulder Beer Company are representing as Colorado's Oldest Microbrewery. Nice. I'm sure the boys at UC Boulder drink this stuff like water. Thick lasting white head, with light lace. Transparent bar gold color. Oh I KNOW UC Boulder boys love this one. It has kind of a sweet smell but a little off. This is another of our Beer of the Month Club, so it was shipped to the house, though I don't think it's all that dated. A very full mouthfeel comes through first, then light noticeable hops and a decent light malt. I get a light sourness that actually works out well. I'm eating burgers and fries now, and I'm getting more of the bready and tangy flavors as it warms. Damn this thing just fill your whole mouth up and it's great that it has light carbonation. It's certainly more lemony with the food. Excellent.

Sierra Nevada Summerfest (btl to beer mug)
It's so hard not write Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. You know they are doing something right with the branding. Those this Summerfest claims to be a lager. It's almost Georgia Tech Old Gold in color and crystal clear. White kinda poofy head. It's tastes of bread and malt first with hops in the aftertaste. It's much better than regular lager with the extra hops, but I'm getting an icky bitter aftertaste. The ickiness goes away the more you drink it, but damn that sucks. It's the aftertaste that could turn brothas away from beer and back to semihomosexual iced mixed drinks or overpriced tequila.

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