Monday, June 16, 2008

Greek Fest

I'm too lazy to go downstairs to look up the exact date, but we did try a Greek Beer at the smaller greek fest in Houston. Not to be confused with the bigger Greek Festival on Montrose. I can appreciate that they have Greek Beer to go with the Sovlaki and whatnot. Greak for authenticity.

State: Eating Soulaki with pita bread, sitting outside in early May.
Mythos Hellenic Lager

From a bottle to a plastic cup. A little cloudy with orangish color, not getting much on the smell. Slightly sour beer that is only moderatly drinkable. Low to medium carbonation with slight breed on the taste. Very low hops and minimal aftertaste. Things got more interesting as it warms up, as I could taste citrus fruit. We are thinking lime, with a bit of kiwi as well. The beer was in a green bottle, which does not bode well in my book. But not a back beer. If the carbo was alittle lower, I think I could buy a few more of these.

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