Monday, June 16, 2008

Fry that Chicken

Well, that's what I first thought of when I saw this bottle at the Central Market...
Oh and for the record, the Midas Touch was also great with lamb chops. They say you should have complex beers with lamb as it matches the gaminess of the meat.

May 18th, 2008
Chicken Killer Barley Wine Ale
You gotta love the label of this 22 oz bottle. This is my first beer from Santa Fe Brewing. We poured it in our Hennessy cognac glass. It has a malty smell, with cinnamon and slight alcohol notes. It was a bit could so we waited a minute. It was opaque and had a dark honey color. The first taste is malty with a fine kinda high carbonation. A little lingering syrup mouthfeel after swallowing. No hops to speak of, as I hear Barley Wine is supposed to be. All I can say is that it is certainly more complex than it's little brother, a brown ale. I like it.


Betty said...

Checking around to see if the Chicken is popular. Great Post. Loved all the details. My husband picked it up two weeks ago @ Trader Joe's & he liked it as well. I'm going to make note of it's little brother and have him try that one as well. Thanks for the Info. And keep up the great posts!
Feel free to check out my husbands review on it as well, let us know what you think. Thanks.

Betty said...

his site is

The American Don said...

Thanks Betty. I posted a comment on Joe's website. There is no better hobby than beer connoisseuring. Glad to have more people aboard. I have another Barley Wine at the house I'll be reviewing at some point after I've had my fill of Oktoberfests. Thanks for reading the blog.