Friday, June 6, 2008

Do you HAVE to review that one???

Yup. I'm hanging out with the crew that we went to Paris with, and they already know about my penchant for writing down reviews for the various beers I taste. And lo and behold, I've never had a Corona Light. I used to drink Corona all the time back in the club in college b/c I was too cheap and unsophisticated to buy hard liquor. I would stuff the lime in the bottle, put my thumb on the top of the bottle and turn it upside down for a few seconds, then turn it right side up, put my mouth over the top of the bottle and release my thumb to keep from spilling the inevitable burst of beer. I was soooooooo cool. I always noticed that the women would actually look at me as I nonchalantly did this little ritual. I think back on it and they probably thought, "look at that skinny chump there, I'll never sleep with him". And they didn't... much.

Corona Light
I grab a pilsner glass and pour out the CL in a clear glass. Of course it comes in a clear bottle. It smells of bitter corn y soda. It's clear, with a straw color y fleeting head. Lots of fizzzzzzz. I do find it drinkable (or drankable if you're so inclined), must be the lightness. It has medium bitterness. Head has zero lace and a slight bread and corn flavor after I get over the chilling cold. Actually it's only medium carbo, must be the lightness.

Penn Weizen
Later on that night, the Misses and I crack open more Beer of the Month stuff. This one has a fruity/citrusy smell. It's kinda cloudy in my weizen glass. Orange color with low head. I first notice the medium body, then medium carbo, and then a very subtle citrus. It's kinda drinkable but has no real aftertaste. It's just not much one way or the other, but there is some subtle Banananess at the end.

Lake Placid India Pale Ale (without the ubu)
Oh yes, let's go back to Colonial India. Lots of head with a dark bronze color. It's kind of buttery flower on the nose. Tan head. I'm eating some vodka sauce spaghetti with cayenne pepper. I'm sorry, but I love spicy hot food with India Pale Ale. I'm a glutton for punishment. It's head is lacy and very sustaining. This one is smooth and full bodied, with high hops, though not a killer. It has balanced maltiness with low carbonation (yes) and very drinkable. Maybe some caramel malts and very little aftertaste. EXCELLENT.

Note to self: Do not Google "Corona" on your work laptop, the pictures could get you fired.

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