Monday, June 16, 2008

Beering in New Orleans, Part Trois

Crescent City Brewhouse

This is the only brewpub I could find within walking distance, so I hit this one. I had a hankering for some crawfish and the hotel said that CC would have me covered. I was still sobering up while walking over there, but I really wanted those crawfish. Wouldn't ya know it, they had no crawfish there at ALL. We already had our seats and whatnot, so I figured we'll just get a sampler and go for it.

May 24th, 2008
State: Still sobering up from the beering earlier in the afternoon.

Smells of bread and light hops. The taste is a good hop and bread taste (no surprise) with a pleasant bready aftertaste. I'm going backward again, but it's clear, with a light gold color and white, medium carbonation. I am really starting to appreciate the pilsner. Pale lagers still have a ways to go.

Red Stallion
I love the name. This one was clear with an amber color, white head and biscuit smell. I got a Vienna malt taste. It has a medium body with a low hop/carbonation. I'll say this one is full flavored, yet simple.

I was a little worried about this wheat beer, as I just had the Red Stallion, but it was all good. Some banana flavor in there. Not much of a head left, so I couldn't get much of a smell. Full bodied beer hazy beer with orange-yellow color. The head has some lace. It's not bad but low on flavor

Black Forest
A rich beer with medium body. It has a reddish color with low smell on the nose. Low hops, but medium roasted malt. Not a knockout beer, but okay.

That's all I had in my notebook, and it's a shame I couldn't come in here with few more sobriety points to spare. I ate the BBQ ribs, but none of the beers seemed to complement it that well. But I'll give it to them on their Pilsner and their Black Forest. It seems as if CC is not into taking too many chances. I would like to see something with a bit more kick. I can get pleasant local session beers on every corner, but would love to see more umph out of the brewpubs. Maybe DuClaws in Maryland (my first brewpub) I go to the New Orleans area about every 2 weeks (offshore engineering), so I'll try to get back out there one of these times.

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