Friday, June 6, 2008

Do not MOCK THE GODS!!!!

I feel so SUPREME. Bow before me! This is a time for the DIVINE! They call me Blacknus, the God of Drinking and Chaos. Oh yes, feel my wrath.
We gave this recipe to King Midas 5000 years ago, and now the peons at Dogfish Head feel they can recreate a godly brew.
Midas Touch
Dies Veneris iii Maius MMVIII
The mortals at Dogfish Head made it clear, yet slightly tinged of that mortal drink called white wine. It please Blacknus to know that the brew smells sweet like sugar, malt, and some alcohol too. The head was as weak as you mortals are in a gladiator pit as this needed a vigorous pouring in my heavenly wine goblet. The first taste is sugary sweet with medium body and a low fine carbonation that could keep you out of hades. Yet no hops or aftertaste. It is slightly dry and the sweetness lingers with notes of honey. It's very drinkable indeed. I believe you mortals call it, "white grape juice" in comparison.
But we gods do not drink your filthy beer. We drink only the best of nectar and ambrosia. This one comes in the form of...
A drink fit for the gods indeed, as this is only brewed with honey. It looks like yellowish white wine or grape juice with ZERO head. It's smells like honey and alcohol. It gets even more alcoholy with the swirl. There is essentially no carbonation, just honey on the taste. Kind of a like a wine, but only DIVINE! It's very sweet with a clean finish, not dry or wet. This would suit mortals as a great desert wine.
Drinks fit for the DIVINE. Well done mortals. Perhaps won't smote you after all. What's this "Flavor of Love". This MADNESS must end. You mortals will pay for this.


Lew Bryson said...

Hail, Blacknus!

That's two laugh-out-loud beer blog posts today, a happy record (Pete Brown got me about half an hour ago). Good to see you back at the blog!

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

Say what? Are you just finding out about mead now? Heck, let me introduce you to some BETTER meads........

The American Don said...

Oh yes. I am new to the whole "mead" thing. You gotta cut me some slack, I just discoverd something other than Miller Lite about 2 years ago. The mead is on point.

If I were still single, I would serve it to young lady on a date. "Ooh he's sophisticated, he doesn't even drink wine made with grapes".

Thanks for the reading.