Sunday, August 29, 2010

Would you like some pepper in that beer?

After a great weekend of attending the Stone Brewery Beer Dinner at Vic and Anthony's, and hitting up Petrol Station to see my homegirl Moji singing with 2 Dollar Sound while slamming a ton of Indy Saison, and talking a ton of smack to the Cowboys fans at the Texans game, I'm just chilling out doing some work at the house and drinking another Longshot beer.

Sam Adams Longshot: Lemon Pepper Saison

I'm a somewhat fan of the "lemon pepper" type of flavor on things like chicken. But i've been drinking so much Saison lately... The nose has a veggie lager quality, and maybe the scallops the wife is grilling is throwing off the scent. The amber clear colored beer has a nice lightly fruity flavor, maybe some apple, with a soft body. Somewhere in the middle of the palate I get maybe some pepper. It's enough of want me to drink this Crystal Light to get it off my tongue. Otherwise it has the soft yet gritty body and light pinch of belgianess of a great saison. High 3 Stars only b/c I think the Independence Saison is four to five star.

Dogfish Head Theobroma

Light chocolate bar nose on top of a surprisingly light amber beer with high bubble carbonation. This beer has some caramel flavor and some toffee, not overwhelming. I think in the aftertaste I'm getting something like bitter chocolate. If ever ate chocolate, I could tell you exactly what the deal is. I've tasted Maibocks that are similar to this, maybe it's just the combo of honey and whatnot. Though it's certainly an ale. The back of my throat has some pepper heat to it. I can tell you right now that this pepper beer stuff is NOT working for me. I like spicy food and hot food, but not in my beer. Kinda like how I like crunchy food, but not crunchy bean sprouts in my fried rice, messes up the texture. Maybe this is a beer fad I'm just not going to get. No rating.

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