Sunday, August 15, 2010

Le Freak

Beer Log: Right now
State: Just finishing up some Hofbrau Maibock in my Hofbrau Stein

Green Flash Le Freak
First off, is that one of the cooler comic style names for a brewery? Green Flash. Perfectly white head, very thin on a reddish-amber beer. Great candy sugar, some sour, some caramel, very complex sweetness, probably some cinnamon and nutmeg in there. Very mouthfilling yet airy, if that makes sense. Linger bitterness. The beer feels like it vaporizes on your tongue. I like the mild sugar sweetness and sourness. It has a strong hop bite just at the end there, very citrus/grapefruity as only Green Flash could do. 5 Stars for the freaked out hoppy belgian. You mean to tell me I get my two favorite styles (usually favorite), Imperial IPA and Belgian Trippel. Hellz yeah.

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