Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sierra Nevada Kellerweis

Beer Log: Right Now
State: Slight headache after jogging in 100 deg weather at Bear Creek Park. If you can't run 4 miles in 100 degs in Houston, then you need to quit.

Sierra Nevada Kellerweis
Light golden/orange color with big poofy white head. Nose is uber-bananay and estery. Taste is nice soft banana (no homo) with low hops and a slight watery/hop finish. Not sure what to think there. Taste great save the finish. Has some of that German Weiss character, but a pinch more on the hops, probably American. It's rather thin on the body with high carbo. There is a little spice in there, maybe clove or pepper. I can drink a good chunk of this, but not over the Fransiskaner Hefe. Low 4 Stars.

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