Tuesday, August 17, 2010

International Beerfest... In GALVESTON?!?

Sitting here watching some World Series of Poker and flipping back and forth to the Concacaf game with Toronto taking on Cruz Azul. Got to pull for the MLS teams.

Anyway, I find I am enjoying the extra hoppiness of the Torpedo Extra IPA from Sierra Nevada. Very high on the cascade (citrus/grassy) hops, with a nice compliment of caramel malt to hold on just barely. As if SN needed a reason to add more hops, this one is obviously overdone on the hops, but with the thinner body works well with this weather. Low 4 Stars. Oh, I was eating some shrimp I overboiled in Corona Light and Fat Tire, no where near enough Old Bay. You can probably tell my wife is out on the town with one of her old friends, so my dinners get more exotic and not quite right. No matter, I'm hitting Petrol Station tomorrow night for some Weedwacker.

Oh great Phil Helmuth has finally showed up. I love seeing his b1tch @ss run out of the room crying when he gets eliminated.

So these Winefolk have moved to Galveston and managed to put together an international beer festival. The major location will be Moody Gardens, which you can easily spot in Galveston by looking for the glass pyramids. Although you would think a place like Galveston would be great for beer, they are relatively bereft save a couple of beer heavy bars on Post Office Street. Regardless, Florida A&M will be playing Univ of Miami on Thursday of that weekend, so I'm okay to hit this thing. Lots of beer dinners, a beer garden (one of my favorite places to drink beer), and high dollar beer pairing dinners. They have over 300 beers there, and the wife and I are debating how we will handle this thing. They said that if it's not sold in Texas, the Gestapo...errrr the TABC says they can only bring beers that are already sold in Texas, so to refrain from this being a festival version of Specs Downtown, I suggested that they try to get some beers on tap from the brewpubs in San Antonio and Austin.

By all means check this out and support these guys. The more support we give, the more the beer scene grows in our area. http://brewmastersinternationalbeerfestival.com/

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