Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Bartending Brotha

So last night while missing Anderson Silva taking out Chael Sonnen in the most exciting fight finish of all time, I was at my wife's coworker's birthday party and they needed someone to bartend. Already they had someone taking pictures, and a DJ. I figured since I'm a beerman and I wouldn't know many people there, I could handle it. I'm popping out beer bottles, mixing drinks, shooting the sh1t, and having a great time doing it. I'm thinking this may be my calling. I really enjoyed that people were getting absolutely slizzard off of my concoctions (no homo). And I managed to stay sober all night (much to my wife's delight) as I was working the entire time. Many folks took my beer blog business cards. A few wanted to hire me for their upcoming parties, some of women wanted to give me some good quality lovin. Doubtful that bartenders at house parties can make per hour what I make in the petroleum business, but it would be "the ballz" if I were single. I could see learning a few more cocktail mixes and doing some parties for people if the price was right. We were just tripping that I was making some dinero at all.

The only problem is that you are on your feet all night, but I did make enough money in tips to buy my three beers at the Saucer later. And what beers they were.

Started out with some Spaten Light, since it was so hot outside, even at 1AM. Afterward I hit the Victory Prima Pils which was on Fire Sale. I thought it was a great strong Pilsner until I had the Real Ale Hans Pilsner. THOSE BOYS KNOW THEY CAN MAKE A PILSNER. That is probably the hoppiest pilsner I've had ever. 52 IBUS baby.

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