Friday, August 6, 2010

BeerBrotha Sports Review: Beatdowns all Around

So last weekend I hit the mean streets of Houston to see some mixed martial arts at Legacy Fights out in the Sharpestown area of the Houston at Arena Theatre. It's a little hood over there, and when you get close you will hear this music...

The place was so Sharpestown I loved it! Super loud music, tons of security, the place looks like it was designed in the 70s, and even guys throwing up hand signs for what part of town their from.

Anyway, it works out well for me, b/c I saw some great local guys go at it in the ring (no homo), and then made it a B-Line to one of my friends' house for a midnight brunch, pretty cool. And then the next night Jon Jones blasts this dude and is ready to take on the best in the UFC. And even better, tomorrow night we've got my favorite fighter Anderson Silva taking on Chael "the Mouth" Sonnen. Loving life.

Anyway, the other day I finally was able to drink the Deathly Pale Ale by Reaper Ale , who wins the award for the scariest craft beer website. This is kinda freaking me out. Pretty hardcore name. It had a nice set up with huge head, light amber color and cloudy. Nose is a good strong citrus hops, light on the malt. Nice and strong on the hops, taking over that low caramel malt. Very smooth as well. High 3 Stars. I can only imagine how good it would be if I didn't leave it in the back of my cabinet for like 3 years.

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