Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Waiter, there's poison in my Corona...

So I'm sitting here enjoying some Chinese food bereft of soy sauce while the baby is busting my chops and I get this email. I'm not a fan of Corona at all, seeing as how we have a 12 pack of Corona Light that has sat there for months. Anyway, check this out.

The Corona bottle sat on his counter for the next two weeks Yeager says, because Corona is one of his least favorite beers. He finally opened it during a going away party as the other drinks began to run low.

“I pulled it out and when I popped it there was no fizz and the cap was loose,” says Yeager. “Because this one didn’t have fizz you wonder if it went rancid or not, and I just kind of sniffed it and I went ‘Oh, that doesn’t smell like beer.’ ”

Yeager, a geochemist familiar with acids, realized it smelled like sulfuric acid – otherwise known as battery acid. He called a friend over who had the same reaction to the smell. Yeager poured the “beer” into the toilet and it foamed and fizzed, leaving “no question” in his mind it was sulfuric acid.

DAMMIT MAN. If they poisoned my least favorite beer in my cellar, that would only guarantee that one of my friend's would die at his own house party, as I am notorious for giving away the swill that comes my way. That's just mean man.

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