Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oui Oui Misseur

Made it in late last from another trip offshore trying to get that oil, the kind that's still in the ground.

Beer Log: Right Now
State: Just got back from Massage Envy and finished off a turkey sandwich, eating some "Belgian Fries"

Le Fleur Misseur by New Belgium
There is a golden haze to this beer with a decent white head. The nose is rather sour with a sugar sweetness to it. Maybe some fruit. Tasting the beer I get a gritty sourness, I imagine this is that "horse blanket" taste people talk about with sour beers. High carbonation and a harsh vegetal/bret thing going on. One of those "purposefully infected" beers. There's a good hop presence as well. Overall I'm still working on acquiring this taste. It's great for cutting through the flavors of the fries with the Sweet Baby Ray's sauce. Maybe there's some honey in there like the website says, put I'm not getting it. No rating.

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