Thursday, July 8, 2010

Beering in Freeport, Bahamas

So we went on this 7 day cruise with the family last month. It was one of those Carnival cruises that takes you to Gran Turks and Caicos and a couple of spots in the Bahamas. At first I didn't even plan on drinking beer at all on the cruise thinking that it would just be a BMC thing with maybe some Heineken. But damned if they didn't have plenty of Pilsner Urquell, Bodingtons, Grolsch, and Stella. Not exactly a Banana Nectarine Double Mocha CDA, but it'll due. I drank more Pilsner Urquell than I have probably PILSNER in general all my life (if you don't Miller Lite).

So after meandering around the caribbean, we finally make our way to Freeport. Basically this a great island which has plenty of nices homes and a lot of "the industry". I'm talking refineries , chemical plants, the works. Looked beautiful to me. Anyway they have this smallish outdoor mall like area selling all kinds of trinkets and whatnot, but I was mostly hoping to land on some of those lagers and stouts you here so much about.

The outdoor bars were selling Sands and Kalik at two bottles for 5 dollars. Both of which were pretty basic lagers, maybe a touch sweeter then the Pilsner Urquell, but not as much body. Great for the hot arse weather. And then we stumble on a little convenience store selling the stouts by the bottle. We grab a couple and head over to a Greek Restaurant of all places.

Beer Log: June 25, 2010
State: In Freeport, hot as all get-out

Royal Extra Stout (Carib brewery)
I was a little hesitant about bringing my own beer into the restaurant, so I drank this out of the bottle in the paper bag. No scent or color. Super strong sugar syrup sweetness, some moderate chocolate as well. The Trinis made this one smooth that's a pinch astringent. The body is velvety and somehow dry at the same time. No real hop presence to speak of. I think this is sweetest beer I've ever had. Low 3 Stars.

Strong Back Stout by Bahamiam Brewery
More balanced and beery (vegetal). Good hop presence buy not very stouty, at least compared to the Royal Extra Stout. Good refreshiness. With a pinch of chocolate and coffee, and even a slight citrus sourness, I'll give it a 3 Star.

Oh and while I'm on it

Beer Log: Right now July 8, 2010

State: Eating Bison and Fries

Execellent caramel, cherry, sherry, chocolate nose. Slight visibility of the brown beer in the light, with strong creamy tan head. The beer taste is a light moderate body, nice chocolate/malt backbone, but a touch watery for me. But much better with the bison. Goes down smooth with a very quick finish, very low hop presence. It is at like 42 deg F, and knowing the British, this needs be around 60 deg F. So I'll chill out, finish my food, turn on the LeBron James show on ESPN, and try it again.
Fast forward an hour and this beer is much better and fuller at about 65 deg. I like smooth richness of the beer and how it all melds together with the chocolate and smokiness. Give it a high 3 Star.

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