Thursday, July 29, 2010

BeerBrotha Sports Review: Man U vs. MLS

So I had some great seats at the game last night to see Manchester United take on the MLS All-Stars at Reliant Stadium. The crowd was somewhere around 60% ManU fans. ManU had most of their younger players on the field, and those children TORCHED the MLS All-Stars 5-2. The Red Devils scored a goal in the first 28 seconds. Anyway, these children for Man U decided to let loose and bust our asses. They were doing all kinds of trickeration and foolishness. DAMN SHAME.

And because the MLS scheduler is a 12 year old, our best players had to fly in on a red-eye b/c they were playing in a Concacaf game the night before. So our best guys didn't play until about the last 12 minutes. The last couple years when the Dynamo were winning, we were playing games like every third day in the summertime: with Concacaf, Superliga, US Open, and of course the MLS. I'm talking we're in El Salvador, then LA, then Charleston, then Houston, then Puetro Rico. You are basically punished for winning.

Man U is so popular, even I have a ManU jersey before I even watched my first soccer game. One Man U dude even had a vuvuzela. I'm just glad we picked up a sixer of Negra Modelo for some poorman's tailgating just before the game. Although it was great to see a crowd of over 70,000, I just hope we get more attendance at Dynamo games point forward.

Everyone is putting a positive spin on the game for the MLS with such a huge crowd. Well, as long as we keep playing Man U, you will surly have 70K a game. For some reason the Dynamo can't even get a big crowd when we play those Mexican squads. Not sure what's going on here, but hopefully the new stadium downtown will do the trick.

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