Monday, July 5, 2010

16 Mile and Baird Beer

After suffering the disappointment of not making it out to Buffalo this weekend, we made up for it with some good fun at Houston Pavilions. Not to mention early stops at the Petrol Station and the Saucer. Reviews coming soon. But right now I am seriously behind.

Beer Log: the other day

16 Mile Amber Sun
Like how this one was in an aluminum bottle (that's right aluminum). Big head that's fizzy somehow. Sugar and Cinnamon malt nose. The taste is a good strong caramel malt, toasty lager, with an icky hop finish. The more I drink it the less the crappy aftertaste affects me and I just get that excellent big amber with the toast/English muffin character. Very balanced. 4 Stars. These guys hit the amber style out of the park, just need to clean up that aftertaste and I can see this one being one of the best beers I've had. A great pickup from our last trip to Maryland.

In keeping with the Asian style names, I'm sitting here hanging out with the wife and baby.

Beer Log: right now
Angry Boy Brown Ale by Baird Beer
The label is something like Picasso doing a Manga comic book. You wouldn't know by the name that this is a Japanese beer, but given the reputation of the lemony lagers the put out, I don't blame them going to a pure English name. Real big head with a lemony caramel thing going on. Not sure if they meant that. Beer is a rather cloudy beer-bottle-brown. Beer has a thinner body than I like in the brown ales, but has a decent malt/choco thing going on. Maybe it's the hops but this beer is kinda lemony to me. About 60 seconds after my first drink and I get this sticky/chalky, lemon-sour aftertaste developing on my tongue. Doesn't work for me. It doesn't have much for me at all, and that aftertaste is just plain terrible. Maybe it was aged wrong, but on aftertaste alone this one is a 1 Star.

Magic Hat Odd Notion Series, Summer '10
As usual with MH, I have no clue what style this will be...
Decent head on a cloudy straw beer. The nose is a funky banana and sour. The beer is not as sour/bretty as the nose. Just a smooth low banana and malt wheat beer. I'm not getting the ginger that they are doing, but certainly spontaneously fermented. More of a funked Belgia wit. Low hops. Maybe it's the BBQ chicken I'm eating now, but this is kinda light for me, just enough sweetness and spiciness to keep it interesting. 2 Stars.

Lot's of work to do tomorrow morning, so can't do my normal IPA to end the beering on a good note. Holla

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